Cleaning & Preservation of Bridal Gowns & Evening Wear or Dresses

Cleaning & Preservation of Bridal Gowns, Prom Gowns & Evening Wear.


That gorgeous gown that contributed to the beauty and opulence of your special day needs to be treated and stored precisely to ensure that your irreplaceable treasure can be passed down from generation to generation. Since many stains, particularly sand, sugar and alcohol tend to “set” in fabric over time, it is ideal that you bring your custom gown and any other ceremonial/sentimental garments to Professional Dry Cleaners for proper treatment within weeks of your special day. All of our gowns are hand cleaned and hand finished according to industry leading standards. By cleaning and further preserving your gown in an acid free, preservation box, you can show family and friends your dress at anytime by peering through its unique window enclosure. This feature will ensure that both your gown and the fond memories of your special day will last a lifetime.

Special Cleaning Services for Couture, Vintage & Luxury Items

Special Cleaning Services for Couture, Vintage & Luxury Items


Whether it’s Jean Paul Gaultier, Chanel, Dior or any other of the greats, the common thread that binds all Grands Couturiers has been their passion to details and uncompromising standards. As Durham’s first and only dry cleaning centre to specialize in haute couture, we ensure that all your vintage and luxury items are treated as they should be….with Pride, Professionalism and Perfection and without compromise!